Peter Johannes Wöstheinrich

Managing Director & Founder

W&R Managing Director responsible for business management, finance and product management.

Peter Johannes has more than 25 years of experience in consulting and project business. Thus, he delivers all characteristics for successful corporate management, profitable business development and high product quality. With his professional leadership and management experience as well as his distinct solution focus, he plays a crucial role with his long-standing clients in structuring projects and implementing practical solutions across all management and operational levels. His core competencies lie in the areas of technical corporate and data strategies as well as in technically oriented business intelligence solutions in conjunction with efficient data governance. His areas of expertise are financial products and processes in the mid/back office, European financial regulation as well as moderation and problem-solving techniques.

His Personality:
Swabian organized and hard-working, Swabian reliable and honest, inspiring and appreciative, far-sighted and open-minded.

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